Leather Scratch Repair Boston

Hub Leather Repair Boston is the top leather furniture repair service in Boston. Our goal in every job is to focus on building the best customer experience possible.

To achieve that goal, we've compiled a team of skilled and experienced leather repair people. Our team will quickly assess the damage and then discuss options for repairs with you. Hub Leather Repair Boston is the go-to option for any repair service for your leather furniture, including stains, fading, tears, and maintenance, such as conditioning. ​

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    Why Choose Our Service for Leather Repairs

    As your top leather repair shop with a full staff of leather repair experts, we aim to provide excellent service on every job and make maintaining the integrity of your furniture our top priority. We initially established ourselves in Massachusetts in 1993. Working with the best, we helped grow our team to have only expert leather repair technicians.  At Hub Leather Repair Boston, there's no job too big or too small. We handle everything from fading to major reupholster repairs. Full restoration is even available. Our team carefully handles stains, reduces fading, restores cuts, and fixes tears.

    Contact Hub Leather Repair Boston for guidance on correcting any damage that’s been done to your furniture. When you call our office, we'll set up a repair or consultation time that fits your schedule. Then one of our leather repair technicians will go through the possibilities for restoring your furniture. 

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    Learn More About Us

    Hub Leather Repair Boston found it's home in Framingham, MA in 1993. With over 25 years of experience in handling leather furniture, we've cultivated a team of passionate repair and upholstery experts. As a full-service leather furniture restoration company, we provide in-home and in-shop repairs.

    Our expert service high-quality leather furniture right in your home. Typical wear and tear that leads to seam rips or scratches are all things that we put our effort into correcting through mobile in-home services. We don’t want to displace your home or inconvenience anyone.

    For shop repairs, our shop is in Framingham, MA. It's where we passionately re-upholster and refurbish leather furniture. Our goal is to deliver exceptional craftsmanship on every job. We pride ourselves on having a decade's long reputation for exceptional service.

    At Hub Leather Repair Boston, we're happy to be part of the Boston community. We serve Boston as well as the surrounding areas, providing full leather repair solutions for high-end leather furniture crafters. We understand that these high-end additions to your home come under some fire with stains, oil, and other day-to-day things that come up. Don't worry while you enjoy your leather. We'll help keep it in pristine shape.

    We'll continue to focus on building up our services and helping residents care for furniture that makes their homes a little cozier. Fine leather furniture is our passion, and it's something that we help our customers become passionate about too. From conditioning to complete re-upholstering, we put our focus on excellence every time. ​