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    Leather Couch Repair Boston MA

    Expert Leather Furniture Repair Services by Hub Leather Repair Inc.

    Our company has been providing top-notch leather furniture restoration services in the Greater Boston area for over 25 years. When it comes to knowledge, experience and level of skill in leather furniture repair, you won't find better service in Boston. ​When you've invested in a high-end piece or collection of leather furniture, we can help protect the longevity of your investment with our range of repair, maintenance and conditioning services. 

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    We specialize in the following services for our Boston Massachusetts clients:

    leather couch repair boston

    Repairs and Restoration

    From repairing tears and scratches from pets, to removing oil and water stains, our leather couch repair service is down to an art. Get a free quote for scheduling repairs today.

    Leather Reupholstery

    When you love your furniture but need to give it an overhaul, our leather upholstery service is high-end and is often a better option than replacement. Call us today for a quote on reupholstering. 

    leather restoration boston

    Cleaning and Conditioning

    We provide an excellent service for maintaining and conditioning your leather furniture. When properly cared for your leather can last a lifetime. Ask us today about our conditioning program.

    Recent Projects:

    Before and After stain removal from white leather armchair.

    leather repair service boston
    leather chair repair boston

    Before and After stain removal, cleaning and conditioning leather sofa.

    leather sofa repair boston
    leather seat repair boston

    Cat scratches completely removed from this leather recliner.

    leather furniture repair boston
    leather scratch repair boston

    Areas We Service

    We provide in-home leather repair services for all the following cities, towns and neighborhoods:

    Boston, Back Bay, South End, North End, Jamaica Plain, South Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, Wellesley, West Roxbury, Somerville, Lexington, Waltham, Melrose, Watertown, Arlington, Weston, Dover, Sherborn, Sudbury, Carlisle, Bolton, Winchester, Southborough, Needham, Bolton, and more. 

    Additionally we offer full service restorations and upholstery at our leather shop located in Framingham MA.

    What Our Customers Say

    Oh my goodness, I can't believe how fabulous my chair and ottoman look! I keep walking into the room to stare at it! It's hard to imagine the piece is over 40 years old; it looks brand-spanking new!! 

    ~ Nancy F.

    You guys did an AMAZING job on our two couches! Both were so damaged from cats scratching, kids climbing, dogs jumping up, and more than ten years of wear and tear. They came out looking like new! We can't recommend you highly enough."

    ~Rose R.

    "Bryan is an artist, craftsman and very congenial person. We are delighted with his work on our sofa and would recommend him highly. He is very skilled in his profession. Can't thank you enough." 

    ~Sherryl & Mike H.

    When to Call for Leather Furniture Repair

    leather chair button replacement

    Leather is the king of furniture fabrics. A well made piece of leather furniture can last generations. However, there are things that can cause wear and tear, as well as damage to leather upholstery. Life can get messy and when things such as, cat scratches, dog chewing, spills and stains, kids markers etc cause damage to your furniture, do not despair. Our team is here to save the day! When you have tears, scratches, rips, stains, loss of sheen, discoloration, darkening, buttons loose, or seams coming undone, those are all signs that it's time to call for repairs. Believe it or not, all of these things can be fixed! We thrive on providing excellent leather repair and restoration services, and no matter what the damage we can provide a solution to restore your sofa or chair back to it's original glory.  

    Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation quote on our leather restoration and repair services. 

    Types of Leather Couch Repair Services We Specialize in

    Hub Leather Repair Boston repair services include everything you could possibly need for leather furniture. We provide a full scope of repair services so that you can reliably count on us year after year. From maintenance like conditioning to large tears, we will quickly establish the repair options that are right for your furniture.

    In-Home Repairs

    For many repairs, there's no need to remove the furniture from home. We can work on anything from bar stools to ottomans, right in your home. With a mobile service team, we dispatch our best for what you mentioned during your call.

    When a customer calls into Hub Leather Repair Boston, we ask a few questions to understand the situation. Learning what type of furniture needs servicing, and the extent of the damage or type of damage will help us choose a technician with the most experience and well-honed skill for you. Then we dispatch the team, and they work right in your home.

    leather restaurant booth repair

    Leather Couch Stain Removal

    Stains happen even when you do your best to deflect them. You can take preventative steps with a stain blocker, but many people don't want to introduce new elements to their leather. Additionally, stain blockers wear off, and you can't tell until suddenly, there's a stain.

    Your furniture will take on stains from the natural oils in your skin and hair. But they can take on additional stains from food, pets, and even water. Don't worry because even if you don't rush to clean up every drop of liquid that falls onto your furniture, you shouldn't worry about stains. Schedule a stain removal with Hub Leather Repair Boston.

    Leather Upholstery Tear Repairs

    Tears happen when you have pets more often than anything else. Dogs and cats can scratch or tear leather without much effort. If you're noting a tear, even a small tear, you should schedule a repair quickly. The faster you take action against tears, the better chance you have of maintaining the item's original integrity.

    Leather Sofa Conditioning Treatments

    leather seat repair boston

    Conditioning is the proactive maintenance step that many leather furniture owners fail to keep up with. Over the year, your furniture will gain and lose moisture, it will also experience many different oils from different people sitting on it, and it could become less supple.

    Leather should be supple, soft, and comforting. A conditioning treatment will help your sofa, sectional, and / or couch keep its softness and comfort. Our conditioning treatments will take place right in your home. We'll also work with you to set up a recurring schedule.

    Conditioning treatments aren't one-time solutions to all variety of leather problems. Most leather furniture needs regular conditioning. Schedule your annual or bi-annual conditioning with Hub Leather Repair Boston. Let us prove that we can be the reliable option for all of your conditioning treatments into the future.

    Leather Seam and Button Repairs

    Split seams are something that happens frequently. Even when people do their best to condition and maintain their leather furniture, a seam or button rip can happen. Split seams are exceptionally common, even among high-end leather furniture. A weak thread is all it takes for a complete seam to give away.

    Our techs are able to resew seams onsite, meaning that we probably won't need to take your furniture back to our workshop. Loose leather is something that any of our staff can address, and doing a repair on-site is no problem. However, in the event of overly worn leather, it may require a different approach. Our expert leather repairmen will help keep your seams together.

    When it comes to buttons, we see these repairs most often on chairs and tufted items. Leather headboards are preferred luxury items that have made their way into many Boston bedrooms. Headboards with buttons can take a lot of stress as they experience varying degrees of humidity and often receive little to no preventative maintenance.

    Ottomans are another frequent button repair issue. These pieces of furniture, however, take even more stress from the pressure of having items laid on them.

    Major Furniture Restoration and Leather Re-Upholstery Jobs

    Major restoration and re-upholstering are an option for jobs with extensive damage. Major damage can come from pets, kids with a creative streak, or even standard wear and tear. A forgotten couch can have numerous holes or rips that occur from lack of maintenance.

    Seams rip or pull apart, and sometimes they can be fixed at home. But most of the time, we will need to take seam rips, and major damage jobs back to our workshop. Although Hub Leather Repair Boston services Boston mainly and the other surrounding areas, our workshop is in Framingham.

    When you need repairs that require us to take the piece back to our shop, we'll give you an estimate on time frames for a turnaround. That way, you can plan on when to have your furniture back at home.

    Types of Leather Furniture That We Repair

    High-end leather furniture is always a bit unique, but it's no shock that there are specific types of furniture that recur. We service leather couches, sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectionals, headboards, lounge chairs, ottomans, footstools, barstools, office chairs, high-back chairs, and more.

    The different types of furniture help us understand the crafting and materials at play. It also makes it reasonable for us to assign the right leather repair service person for your needs.

    Leather Furniture Pet Damage Repairs

    We see couches with pet damage very frequently. We understand that people love their animals, and that means that their couches sustain substantial damage from pet's nails or claws. Dogs may leave surface-level damage with their nails, or when they nibble on edges of the furniture. However, cats can cause substantially more damage depending on their size.  A large cat can put a lot of weight being a deep scratch causing the leather to ribbon or even shred completely. They also leave small pinholes or shallow scratches each time they jump up onto the couch or chair. They use their claws to grab hold, and the result is in a lot of leather damage.

    Office chairs typically have a lot of oil stains, from long-term sitting with minimal effort to remove stains over long periods of time. The fact is that leather is not a low-maintenance material. It requires maintenance, and even when you have a steady maintenance plan in action, you'll need to put in for repairs.

    ​With decades of experience, we've seen everything, and if it's leather, we'll work on it. Hub Leather Repair Boston works with the best, and the most experienced leather repair technicians available. We've spent decades building up a high-quality reputation for repairing high-end leather furniture. Our team works with luxury furniture daily, and as part of that, we change our focus on maintaining the integrity of the furniture.

    That means that Hub Leather Repair Boston will always discuss your options and explain what will work best for your furniture based on the craftsmanship behind it and the materials used. 

    Why Choose Us

    Hub Leather Repair Boston is a top leather repair shop with a knowledgeable staff of leather repair experts. We aim to provide excellent service on every job and make maintaining the integrity of your furniture, our top priority. We initially established ourselves in Boston in 1993. Working with the best, we helped grow our team to have only expert leather repair technicians.  No job is too big or too small. We handle everything from fading to small cuts repairs, to major reupholstery repairs. Full restoration is even available. Our team carefully handles stains, reduces fading, restores cuts, and fixes tears utilizing top-of-the-line techniques.

    Contact our leather couch repair Boston service for guidance on correcting any damage that’s been done to your furniture. Call our office, and we'll set up a repair or consultation time that fits your schedule. Snap a few photos of your furniture to send us, then one of our top leather repair technicians will go through the options for restoring your furniture. ​