Leather Furniture Restoration Services

Have you been searching for "leather furniture restoration near me" to get your leather couch a little needed attention and care? At Hub Leather, we provide leather repairs for couches, chairs, ottomans, and more. We've seen it all through decades of experience. Since we began, we've seen disastrous pet scratches, natural cracks, ink and oil stains, discoloration, and sun damage. Leather furniture can last generations, however wear and tear can happen. We provide in-home repairs in most cases, and for full restorations we can pick up your items and have them restored right in our leather repair shop

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    Types of Leather Repairs

    Cat Scratch Repair

    Scratches happen, especially if you have pets. Cats will often scratch down the sides or across the arms of a lounger or couch. They're notorious for ribboning, and for many pet owners this can be upsetting when they damage your expensive leather furniture. Fortunately, scratch repair is possible. Even deep scratches can be fully restored.

    There are different extents of damage, and it is possible to repair most damage. Cats are typically the biggest culprit of destroying a leather sofa, although dogs can do some damage too. Unfortunately, we can only repair pet damage that is of the scratch variety. Pet damage, which includes odor, is not repairable. Cat spray, for example, will embed itself deep within the leather fibers. The best bet with these situations is to use an odor banner or blocker proactively.

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    Leather Tears and Cuts Repair

    leather sofa restoration boston

    Tears and cuts from the size of a pinhole to the length of your arm are repairable. At Hub Leather Repair, we've worked with leather tear and cuts repairs for long enough to know that each tear is unique. There's no one-size-fits-all solution for tears or cuts. That's one of the things that make our repair service specialist.

    Depending on the size and extent of the cut, we can repair it in your home or may arrange to work on it in our shop, where we do full leather furniture restoration. Often tears and cuts don't require taking the item back to our workshop. Ideally, we'll do as many repairs as possible in-home at times that work for you and your family.

    Complete Leather Furniture Restoration

    Leather furniture restoration is our passion. Our Leather team has spent nearly three decades helping Bostonians maintain their high-end furniture, and that means making repairs year round. Although we do preventative maintenance such as cleaning and conditioning, repairs are what we spend most of our time specializing in.

    People live, laugh, and binge-watch on their leather furniture, and they should because it’s all part of enjoying your home. Call our leather couch repair service team to schedule your leather restoration now. We can help you with your pet damage or other day-to-day damages. Contact us today, and we'll set you up with one of our top leather furniture repair experts.