Leather Cleaning Service, Boston MA

Cleaning and conditioning are very basic aspects of maintaining Leather.

​Leather fades, it stains, it absorbs oil unevenly, and can even change color with light exposure. At best, leather furniture placed in in-direct light will fade over the years. We provide services for leather furniture stain removal as well as conditioning treatments for leather furniture. ​

We have various maintenance and cleaning programs you can sign up for, if you need annual or bi-annual treatments for your furniture, as well as one-time treatments available. 

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    Leather Furniture Maintenance Services Boston MA

    ​There are various types of leather, but the most common two are anilines and semi-aniline. Both are very susceptible to staining and need regular cleaning. The solution is to apply a light color coat or to implement a stain-guard. The solutions are temporary in both situations. Leather can stain even from the oil on your hands or hair.  Oil and water stain removal are both within the skillset of all of our technicians.

    Conditioning is a preventative treatment. It keeps the surface of leather furniture soft, supple, and helps reduce the likelihood of rips or seam tears. Brittle seams will likely pull against their binding, and it's best to avoid any damage whenever possible. Leather cleaning and conditioning with Hub Leather Repair Boston can happen right in your home.

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    Leather Furniture Conditioning Boston MA

    Our process for leather conditioning involves stimulating the natural oils within the leather. Usually, we work with neatsfoot, leather honey, or mink oil in careful combinations to ensure a pleasant and natural conditioning. Unfortunately, many people attempt to DIY leather conditioning. The results are often lackluster and can even damage the leather. Don’t’ take the chance of damaging high-end leather furniture with good intentions of trying to restore its former beauty.

    When you're ready to clean or condition your leather furniture, you need to contact Hub Leather Repair in Boston. When speaking with our all-star customer service team, you'll receive a wide variety of options times available so you can have the cleaning happen at your convenience.