Leather Furniture Repair for Pet Damage

For all of those of us with pets who bring joy into our lives, we know how careful we have to be when it comes to their contact with our leather furniture. If a dog’s claws are long enough then they might end up doing some damage to your car seat or your couch. And cat claws are generally a whole lot sharper and are guaranteed to do some damage to leather couches, ottomans or other leather furniture you might have.

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    Cat Scratch Leather Repair

    ​You’ll find cat damage on your leather furniture in two different forms; one you might be familiar with is when your cat plucks the hairs/fibers out of the leather by scratches the sides of your couch, and the other looks more like a straight line where the cat will scratch open a seating cushion.

    Now you might be at a loss wondering if you’ll have to get rid of your furniture or do a complete overhaul and replace all the leather. These are both expensive options that you’d like to avoid, I’m sure. Well the good news is you’ve got another option!

    With us at Hub Leather Repair Inc. you’ll be able to repair any and all cat scratch damage done to your furniture. We do in house repairs when the situation allows and can often be done with the repairs in nearly no time, leaving you with a piece of leather furniture that’s fresh and whole. For larger repairs, where we have to deal with extensive damage, we have the option of taking your furniture in to our workshop where it gets the best treatment for leather in Boston.

    We’ve had many a customer sample our services and come away satisfied and surprised at how good their furniture came out. Some even told us that their couches looked like they were brand new!

    So don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’ve got pet damage on your leather furniture! You can reach us at our phone number or alternatively fill out the form on our page for a free quote.

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