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Pet Damage Leather Repair

Leather Furniture Repair for Pet Damage For all of those of us with pets who bring joy into our lives, we know how careful we have to be when it comes to their contact with our leather furniture. If a dog’s claws are long enough then they might end up doing some damage to your… Continue reading Pet Damage Leather Repair

Leather Cleaning And Conditioning

Leather Furniture Cleaning Service, Boston MA Cleaning and conditioning are very basic aspects of maintaining Leather. ​Leather fades, it stains, it absorbs oil unevenly, and can even change color with light exposure. At best, leather furniture placed in in-direct light will fade over the years. We provide services for leather furniture stain removal as well… Continue reading Leather Cleaning And Conditioning

Furniture Repairs And Restoration

Leather Furniture Restoration Services Your leather couch needs a little love from time to time. At Hub Leather, we provide leather repairs for couches, chairs, ottomans, and more. We’ve seen it all through decades of experience. Since we began, we’ve seen disastrous pet scratches, natural cracks, ink and oil stains, discoloration, and sun damage. Leather furniture… Continue reading Furniture Repairs And Restoration


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Our Leather Furniture Repair Company Hub Leather Repair Boston is the top leather furniture repair service in Boston. We service Boston as well as the surrounding areas and can turnaround repairs reliably and quickly. Our goal in every job is to focus on building the best customer experience possible. To achieve that goal, we’ve compiled… Continue reading ABOUT


Expert Leather Furniture Repair Restoration – Repairs – Re-upholstery Serving Boston and Greater Boston MA by Hub Leather Repair Inc. CALL NOW 781-205-0235 Leather Couch Repair Boston MA Expert Leather Furniture Repair Services by Hub Leather Repair Inc. Our company has been providing top-notch leather furniture restoration services in the Greater Boston area for over 25… Continue reading HOME